Trattoria by the Lake

Gioia = “Joy”

Joy – noun. A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Over the years, we have managed to put a smile on the faces of people from far and wide by creating a space just for them – almost as if we’ve known just what they’re looking for.

From a Bistro-style Mediterranean cuisine to an up-market Italian restaurant and a trendy meeting place for social gatherings – what has been constant is family. The families that come and go and the bonds that our staff create with our clients are a significant part of our business.

We are now pleased to invite you to Gioia.

Located just above the Zoo Lake Sports Club in Parkwood, Gioia is a space that offers the peace and tranquillity for a family lunch, the safety and excitement for children to play and the stillness and sophistication for business meetings or remote work – all with friendly staff and really, really great food.

We welcome you to a scrumptious meal, while enjoying the lovely scenery or overlooking the sports fields and take the time to unwind while your children have the freedom to expel their energy in our secure play area.

Gioia’s menu is based predominantly on Italian cuisine, with traditional Italian meals such as various pizzas and pastas, right through to mouth-watering prego rolls, burgers or even a delicious steak straight off the grill. We have various vegetarian options which include a range of Beyond Beef dishes as well as salads to name a few.

Our wheelchair-friendly venue includes an elegant inside area with ample seating while maintaining safe social distancing, a terrace for alfresco dining or sundowners while watching the sport, a children’s play area with jungle gyms, bike tracks and child minders, and a wood fired pizza oven for an authentic dining experience.

We look forward to creating memorable experiences with you and we hope you have a “Joy-Ahh” time.